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Can DApps survive without browser integration?

It’s important to take a hard look at the technologies underpinning the cryptocurrency market and evaluate how they might fit into the economy of the future. If they’ve little use, they probably have little value. With that in mind, this blog post looks at Distributed Applications (DApps) on the Ethereum Blockchain, asking “can DApps survive […]

Introducing support for BCH-ABC and BCH-SV

We’re introducing  support for BCH-ABC and BCH-SV. Since the fork, we’ve been waiting to see what how different exchanges would treat both versions of BCH. After a week or so, it looks like most major exchanges are supporting both forks and crediting users who held BCH with the exchange at the time of the fork. Examples […]

The triangular arbitrage strategy

Understanding arbitrage trading

What is arbitrage? Arbitrage is a market trading technique with a long history. It was used to trade on the first stock market in Amsterdam. Today, it’s commonly used by High Frequency Trading (HFT) algorithms to exploit price discrepancies across multiple markets. Use of arbitrage algorithms has migrated from stock exchanges to cryptocurrency exchanges, where […]

Creating a smart contract

What is a Smart Contract?

The UK Law Commission recently announced a research project to investigate the use of smart contracts in the English legal system. The white paper detailing this proposed project can be found here. With this development, it seemed like a good idea to recap what a smart contract actually is, and why the UK Law Commission […]

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What is Proof of Work?

There are two primary algorithms that are used to govern, manage and verify transactions in blockchains. As blockchains are decentralised (not controlled by a single point of authority), these algorithms are required to maintain order and consistency across on the blockchain network, ensuring that the history of transactions is correct. The two algorithms commonly found in […]

Introducing Arbitor: Managed Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Trading

We’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of Arbitor – our managed bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading platform. With Arbitor, we’re addressing the common problems we all face when investing in cryptocurrencies. Namely: What do you do with your bitcoin (or other alternative coins) after you’ve purchased them? How do you sell your cryptocurrency investments back […]